Jennings Children join in donating school items to the children of recent flood victims on College Day


Jennings International  College,  Nainamadama held its  COLLEGE DAY  Celebrations and the  Festival of  MOTHER MARY  on  1st  June 2017, with religious activities which included the Holy Eucharist and the  Procession of the statue of  Mother Mary. Offerings brought by the children during the  Holy Mass were collected and handed over to Wennappuwa Police to be sent to the flood affected areas.



My Dear Children

I trust you all had a safe and quiet vacation.

It is likely that this vacation will be further extended due to the prevailing situation in the country.

I, therefore, in consultation with your teachers and the college management, decided to help with your studies by sending your lessons through mobile phones of your parents.

Your class teachers will take the necessary action to send you the lessons. Please inform your parents to contact your class teacher and obtain details of this program.

Thank you and May God Bless You!