About Us

Located in Nainamadama, in the District of Chilaw in Sri Lanka, The Jennings International College, in its existence of 12 years has produced hundreds of young men and women who have joined foreign universities as well as obtained gainful employment in prestigious establishments in Sri Lanka and abroad. The Jennings International College provides the education to the children from Kindergarten to Advanced Level.

It has three sections namely: Pre School, Primary Section, and Senior Section

Each section is provided with a set of qualified teachers in their respective fields of education and supervised by a vice principal. The curriculum in the Jennings International College is based on the British system of education. Students get the opportunity to take London O/L and London A/L examinations.In addition separate classes are conducted for the students taking Local A/L classes in English medium both in Science and Commerce streams. Students also get the opportunity to study foreign languages such as German and French in the Primary  and Senior sections.

Discipline is first priority in the college. Opportunities are available for the students to engage in athletics, swimming, basketball, netball , badminton, music, scouts, band  and art. All the extra curricular activities are conducted by professionally qualified teachers,instructors and trainers.  Overall supervision and administration is conducted by the principal who has more than 35 years experience in the Sri Lanka Administrative Service and Sri Lanka Foreign Service. The principal is assisted by  a senior vice principal and a secretarial staff.

The college which is established as a private enterprise is managed by a Chairman and Board of Directors.

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