Jennings Students Excel in London O/L (EDEXCEL) 2017


Jennings International College was successful in obtaining the best results in the region, in London O/L (Edexcel) 2017 examination which is conducted by the British Council, Colombo. College prepared 38 students both in Science & Commerce streams for this year exam and 35 of them qualified for their higher studies with very good results.

A large number of students obtained  7As,  6As, &  5As  with quite a number of  A* passes.  This year, Jennings students have obtained altogether  30 A* passes,  31A passes and  40 B passes.

It is pertinent to state that most of these 38 students have got through their local  O/L examination in December 2016 with excellent results, such as  9A*,  9As, 8As and &  7As.

The unique feature of the students in Jennings International College is that they follow both syllabuses of  London O/L and  Local O/L simultaneously, and with a period of a six-month gap they face the two examinations namely  London O/L and  Local  O/L, and obtain excellent results in both examinations.

The  Chairman,  Mr Melvil Samaranayake, along with  Principal and the administration are pleased to wish 2017  O/L batch continued success in their higher studies and a big thank you to the academic staff who worked tirelessly in preparing the students for both exams.


My Dear Children

I trust you all had a safe and quiet vacation.

It is likely that this vacation will be further extended due to the prevailing situation in the country.

I, therefore, in consultation with your teachers and the college management, decided to help with your studies by sending your lessons through mobile phones of your parents.

Your class teachers will take the necessary action to send you the lessons. Please inform your parents to contact your class teacher and obtain details of this program.

Thank you and May God Bless You!